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  • Posted on: 8 November 2016
  • By: admin

If you create podcasts and upload them online for web syndication and online streaming, Wide Transcription can furnish a corresponding transcript. We’ve handled chunks of minutes of audio for broadcasters, eminent journalists, prominent icons and independent podcasters. Despite the variety of podcasts, we’re well-versed with the subject matter to craft an accurate, flawless textual version. Podcasts are powerful devices as they narrate stories. A substantial percentage of your followers can enjoy your storyline when laid down as text rather than listening in audio/video recordings. Wide Transcription provides podcast transcription services to loop this loophole in every story narrated. We help podcasters to annex a matching transcript for listeners to browse through and grasp every word. Transcripts also allow the hard of hearing and users without internet connectivity to consume content. Reading a transcript after listening to audio reinforces podcast comprehension. Transcripts can be shared within friend circles and communities on the social media.
Benefits of Podcast Transcription With

Another reason why podcasters seek transcription services is to enhance their organic search results. As you feed new podcasts and fresh materials, providing a transcript allows search engines to index and expose your content. Professional podcast transcription boosts your professional image and shows visitors you take things seriously. Undoubtedly, podcast transcripts make your materials to be more accessible and identifiable for users to consumer. Most podcast users prefer to scroll through written content instead of straining to listen in and watch a while video/audio session. Wide Transcription ensures high-level confidentiality to safeguard intellectual property rights and prevent unsanctioned disclosure before publishing the podcast. Entrust our seasoned podcast transcribers to burgeon the reach and online visibility of your storyline. Our top-notch transcriptionists not only transcribe your podcast accurately but also strive to make it easier and quicker for your podcast to generate traffic and scoop more transcribers. We strain at the leash to push podcasters to the #1 rank on Google and other behemoth search engines, YouTube and iTunes.